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Discraft Titanium Stalker Swirl Paige Pierce 2020 Ledgestone Open Disc Golf Fairway Driver

The Discraft Titanium Stalker Swirl Paige Pierce 2020 Ledgestone Open Disc Golf Driver is a perfect example of a disc that's as awesome to look at as it is to throw.  This fairway driver is a straight flyer with little turn and fade to finish.  The Titanium plastic is great for gripping and is durable so the flight pattern will remain unchanged for a long time.  The stalker thrives with shot shaping.  This disc is perfect for a flip up hyzer, a slow anhyzer that pans out, or a tunnel shot under 300 feet.  The Stalker can be thrown forehand or backhand and is fine for players will all arm speeds.  This fairway driver will work it's way into your bag quickly and stay there.  

When Paige was first signed by Discraft her go to was the Stalker, and now that she's back she knows exactly what she wants to be throwing the Titanium Swirl Stalker.Discraft has put some amazing swirls in these discs, the titanium plastic looks beautiful with the extra colors in it.  Each one is unique so check out the whole listing to see what we have.

This disc is a fundraiser disc for the 2020 Ledgestone Open so you're helping one of the biggest disc golf tournaments in the world be possible.  You're also getting a pretty sweet disc that's limited edition, when these swirls are gone they're gone!  Get your Discraft Titanium Stalker Swirl Paige Pierce Ledgestone 2020 disc today!

Speed 7 | Glide 5 | Turn -1 | Fade 2

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