Sabattus Disc Golf - Courses

Here at SDG we have 4 courses for players of all skill levels to enjoy, with pathways that are stroller accessible.

The Owl

SDG - The Owl

Our beginner, friendly Owl course offers not only shorter holes and wider fairways to accommodate the newer players to the sport of disc golf, it also provides a great warm-up round for more seasoned players.

The Hawk

SDG - The Hawk

SDGs original course the Hawk, with its blend of open fields and wooded shots, creates the most beginner friendly of our 3 - 18 hole courses. The open fields provide a great chance for players to test their throwing power, while the wooded fairways offer players a great opportunity to hone their control.

The Falcon

SDG - The Falcon

Our newest intermediate course the Falcon, offers a great mix of holes to challenge both beginners and the more advanced players with its tight and narrow fairways. Falcon will really help step up your technical game.

The Eagle

SDG - The Eagle

Elevation changes, longer holes, tighter fairways and more technically demanding shots will greet players on our most challenging course, The Eagle. With a stream meandering through the course and a pond at its center the Eagle is as picturesque, as it is challenging.