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A Classic Flyer

A Classic Flyer

November 12, 2019

Not much needs to be said about the Innova Champion Thunderbird, other than the fact that every bag should have one. This versatile driver is now available in weights as low as 161 grams!

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Gotta Glow, Gotta Throw

Gotta Glow, Gotta Throw

November 11, 2019

Innova has taken their starter sets into the darkness with their new DX Glow 3 pack. Each set comes with an Aviar, Beast, and TL all around 170 grams each. These sets are great for beginners and make night time rounds fun for any player!

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A Win From Beginning To End

November 10, 2019

Calvin Heimburg's 2019 season ended on the same high he started with when he not only captured the win at the final National Tour event, but also secured the title for the PDGA National Tour points series.

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Popular P2 Putter

November 09, 2019

We have restocked the reliable Discmania P2 putter in D-Line plastic with weights all the way down to 152 grams! The P2 is a crowd favorite for a reason with its straight flight, ability to handle headwinds, and useful for players of all skill levels.

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Dust Up With Discmania

November 08, 2019

The Sportsack is a bag essential, which we now stock with the iconic Discmania bar logo. When the weather gets wet or humid, or you get sweaty palms from tournament pressure, the Sportsack will wick away that moisture to give you a dry grip on your disc.

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A Scaled Down Sonic

November 07, 2019

These miniature Innova Sonics are perfect for little hands, quick rounds of catch and throw, indoor putting, or just as a mini marker. Emblazoned with the SDG swish logo, now you can take your favorite disc golf course along with you anywhere.

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Wahoo Over Water

November 06, 2019

As the fastest floating disc on the market, the Innova R-Pro Wahoo is a must have disc for long drives over water.

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Feel The Flex Fit

November 05, 2019

Innova's newest hat in its headwear lineup is the Prime Star Flex Cap.

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This Shryke Is Ready To Strike

November 04, 2019

We have restocked the Innova Star Shryke in a wide variety of weights, ranging all the way down to 149 grams!

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Short Days, Long Hats

November 03, 2019

With the changing colors of the leaves comes the cooler temps. The Innova heather knit beanie is a perfect addition to your bag for those cool fall rounds. These soft knit hats are super long and stretchy; great for covering those ponytails or adding an extra layer over your ball cap.


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Fleece For Fall

November 02, 2019

These Innova microfleece beanies will keep your head warm and in the game. The soft synthetic fleece maintains your body heat well without a lot of bulk, perfect to get through the cool morning chill of autumn.

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An eXTra Aviar

November 01, 2019

Innova has now added its most overstable Aviar mold to the XT plastic line. The grippier XT plastic will let this AviarX3 wear in slowly while remaining durable in all weather conditions, including the headwinds this disc faces well.

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