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March 22, 2020

I want to know what’s in your bag other than discs. This is going to come down to what kind of bag you have. Someone with a Zuca cart will be able to carry more than I will with my Fitactic bag, and I’ll be carrying more than someone with a Kestrel bag. Bags are like discs, and everyone has different needs. We could discuss bags for days, but today I want to see what you carry besides your discs.

During a conversation with a nutritionist at USM I asked about fatigue during a round of disc golf. Tournament golf is slow, and when I sit for a long time on a warm summer day I can lose focus and then lose strokes. I asked her what I could do to keep my energy up. She told me to make sure I have sugar during the round such as gatorade, or gummy bears. I’m more of a Twizzlers guy so when I go out now I’m always packing red licorice. Then I like to have sunflower seeds and at least one water bottle as well. I’d offer to share if Covid-19 wasn’t so worrying.

I have my phone in its assigned pocket, on my phone I have the UDisc app. It’s absolutely worth the 5 dollars a year to keep track of all my rounds, and have the updated PDGA rulebook on me for when someone argues what a foot fault is. I can’t recommend this app enough to players. It’s also free if you’re a PDGA member.

The newest gadget I’m bagging is the Kwik Stik. It’s incredible, and I don’t know if I’ll ever play without one. We’ve all thrown a disc into the water, we can see it but it’s too muddy or deep to go in. So you look for a stick and sometimes you find one. This eliminates looking for a stick and you’re going to be a hero. The Kwik Stik has a hook on the end of a telescoping rod that gives you an extra 14 feet of reach. It weighed a pound, yeah just one. That’s like 3 extra max weight discs, so it’s not heavy at all.

I also keep at least 2 towels in my bag. Both are the Innova Dewfly Towel that we sell here at the pro shop. I use them for warming up before I throw any drives. The FlighTowel is specifically designed for this, as Team SDG member Uriyah Kelley demonstrates below while showing us what a 10 year old carries in his bag. Both of these things are great for wiping the mud off my discs in the spring, the snow off in the winter, the dust off at non-grassy courses, and the rain off as well. It’s also great if you’re hitchhiking across the galaxy.

I carry a rain poncho, it’s the folded up kind from Reny’s that costs a couple bucks. If it downpours I throw that on so I’m not miserable. I also carry an extra pair of socks, sometimes you step into a puddle and there’s nothing worse than that wet sock feeling when you still have golf to play. Innova even makes some pretty colorful disc golf socks if you need to add a pair to your own bag.

There are band-aids, a million pencils from every course I play, a Discraft Buzzz snap cap so cans don’t spill on my leg when I pick up my bag, a few mini’s in case someone doesn’t have one, sunglasses, a trash bag in case I find something on a course that doesn’t have trash cans, a sportsack, and a rainfly for my bag.

What bag essential do you have that I’m missing? Is there something from my bag that’s definitely going to make it into yours now?

May your discs miss all the trees,
Andrew Streeter #70397

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