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Innova XXL Champion Shark3

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Innova XXL Champion Shark3

Just when you thought it was safe to pick up a golf disc, artist Ryan Advent bring you the XXL Shark3. Advent, who lives in Westerville, Ohio, takes us to the moment of truth when facing a hungry Great White Shark – with its mouth open wide enough to eat a fishing vessel. “That was definitely meant to be the focus. The abyss inside the Great White’s mouth, there’s no escaping it, you’re going in. it was meant to be intimidating,” said Advent.

This predictable shot shaper features a smooth rim and consistent release. Rescue long approaches and circle the pin with the Champion Shark3.

Photo(s) represents the actual disc and variation of disc/stamp colors available which may vary slightly. The disc you receive may not exactly match any specific photo.


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