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Innova Star TeeBird3 2020 XXL 2 Color Naughty or Nice Disc Golf Fairway Driver

The Innova Star TeeBird3 2020 XXL 2 Color Naughty or Nice Driver is a perfect Christmas gift that you can throw during the year. Get it for the holiday, throw it all year long. Innova really knocked this design out of the park with the red half of the disc Santa styled and the other half green with Krampus. This controllable fairway driver is perfect for those shots when you need the disc to go straight and have a slight fade at the end.

The Teebird3 is a stable disc that doesn't require a lot of arm speed to get moving. With a 4 glide and lack of a dome top it's not about getting distance. The Teebird3 is perfect for shooting straight gaps with either a backhand or forehand. Then the disc will tail a little bit at the end of the flight. It's possible to throw this on an anhyzer and then have it pan back to a stable flight.

Star plastic is a premium plastic from Innova Champion Discs. It's got good grip, it's durable, and available at a great price. It's the choice of many pro players on Team Innova. It won't get destroyed when you hit trees or chains with it, and after time it will beat in and have a nice soft edge around it.

So if you want a disc with great holiday designs, and something that will be perfect for those tight fairways then come grab an Innova Teebird3 XXL Naught and Nice driver today!

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