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Innova Star Destroyer Swirled 2020 Calvin Heimburg Tour Series Disc Golf Distance Driver

The Innova Star Destroyer Swirled 2020 Calvin Heimburg Tour Series disc is an even beefier driver than before. Innova has released an exquisite disc for us this year, a domey Destroyer that's going to be more overstable than your typical star destroyer.

Calvin Heimburg is a power disc golf player and the Star Swirled Destroyer is a power player disc. If you're throwing 325+ feet consistently you're ready for a Destroyer. It's a great distance driver for backhand or forehand players. It's a go to disc for almost every player on any of Innova's teams. The versatility and accuracy make this disc a favorite of many pros.

Look for the Destroyer to be a consistent driver, it will fit the shot for almost any hole over 350 feet. You'll have to learn how the extra fade affects your throws. For some players this means it will dump and the disc will crash earlier so your fade is less extreme. For others this disc will glide further and have a slower fade that goes sideways longer taking your disc further. 

Calvin Heimburg is a member of Innova's Star Team. He's an elite player who has won some huge tournaments. But he can still use your support. One of the ways Calvin can be supported is by purchasing the tour series disc. A portion of the money will go to Calvin so he can continue to remain on tour. You get an amazing swirly destroyer and Calvin gets to keep playing. These beauts are limited, next year will be something different so grab your 2020 Tour Series Calvin Destroyers today!

Speed 12 | Glide 5 | Turn -1 | Fade 3

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