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Innova KC Pro Roc Glow 2020 Martin Hendel Tour Series Disc Golf Mid-Range

The Innova KC Pro Roc Glow 2020 Martin Hendel Tour Series disc is an exceptional mid-range.  The Roc is a classic mid that is overstable, but has good glide and won't flip over.  The disc has been around since 1987 and it's still one of the most popular discs today.  The Roc is useful at any distance inside 250 feet.  The flight path is pretty standard.  The disc will fly flat and then hyzer out, forehand or backhand it's the same.  It's a top choice of many Innova Star and Champion Team members, and Martin Hendel is great with his.

If you've thrown the Innova Shark it's easy to compare, the Roc cuts through the air and goes further to the left (when thrown RHBH) than the shark.  You can really lay into the Roc without worrying that you're going to turn it over.  

Buying a tour series disc is a way to support Martin Hendel as he travels and plays disc golf in tournaments all over North America.  A portion of the sale goes to help support him play.  The disc features a cool double headed eagle holding chains and an Innova proto star rod.  The shield on the eagle's chest is a Canadian flag to show Hendel's love for his home country.  This is the 2020 limited edition so next year these won't be available.  Get your Martin Hendel Roc throw it today.

Speed 4 | Glide 4 | Turn 0 | Fade 3

Pro Plastic

  • Made of a special blend of plastics that retains flight characteristics.
  • Offers superior glide during flight.
  • Increased durability while remaining economical.
  • Provides great all-weather grip.


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