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Innova KC Pro Aviar Galactic 2020 Ricky Wysocki Tour Series Disc Golf Putter

The Innova Pro Galactic Aviar 2020 Ricky Wysocki Tour Series Disc Golf Putter is the driver version of this putter. It's got a bead and is made of durable plastic so you can throw this off the tee without flipping it over or worrying about dents.

The flight path of the Aviar depends on what you want to do with it. If you're putting it expect it to be straight and have a slight hyzer into the basket. It's stable and won't turn over when you putt. As a driving putter this disc is going to be mostly straight. It has a glide rating of 3, but it wants to stay airborne and glide. You'll find this is an amazing disc for upshots and drives. It's going to have a slow long fade to the flight. So it's great at long slow turns but not short sharp ones. This disc is more easily controlled with a backhand throw.

Galactic is KC Pro plastic with color swirls. This plastic was developed for 12X World Champion Ken Climo who preferred his putters to be a little stiffer than usual. It's more durable than DX plastic but it retains that exceptional grip that you know and love. This plastic will be grippy even on cold wet days when you need to make important putts.

One awesome thing about this disc is that's it's part of the Ricky Wysocki Tour Series from Innova. That means that a substantial portion of each disc sold goes right back to Ricky to help him tour. If you're looking for a disc that will be perfect in your bag, support a great player, and will be great anywhere then get a Innova Pro Aviar with the Ricky Wysocki stamp!

Speed 2 | Glide 3 | Turn 0 | Fade 2

KC Pro Plastic

  • More Durable than DX Plastic
  • Grip that improves over time
  • Made at the request of 12x World Champ Ken Climo
  • Provides extra grip

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