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Innova Champion Shryke Color Glow Hye8Dye Disc Golf Distance Driver

The Innova Champion Color Glow Champion Shryke Hye8Dye Disc Golf Distance Driver is a work of art.  Each of these discs has a unique pattern of swirls dyed by Hye8Dye.  If that wasn't enough, they also glow in the dark!  Bring a flashlight and this driver and you've got what you need for a round of glow disc golf.

The Shryke is a 13 speed distance driver but don't let the speed fool you this disc is flippy.  With a glide rating of 6 it's going to be airborne for a long time.  It's got a turn rating of -2 but it's going to turn for a longer amount of distance than you think.  The 2 fade means it will fight back at the end of the flight.  The Innova Champion Shryke is best in wide open fields where you're looking for maximum distance.  It also can be used when there is a small dogleg, if you find a long hole with early turn this disc will whip through the trees and carry down the fairway.

The Innova Shryke is primarily a backhand throwers disc because of the early turn.  Sidearm players will likely turn this disc over early in the flight and it won't have time to fight back to fade.  This disc is popular with many top female pros because of the easy turn and the combination of high speed.  Many players will find this becomes their furthest flying disc.

The Innova Champion Color Glow Champion Shryke Hye8Dye isn't just a great disc, it's also one of a kind.  So if you want a disc that crushes in woods and fields, can be thrown in the day and night, and may be the coolest swirl you've ever seen; get one today.  Scroll through our entire collection to make sure you get the exact one you want!

Speed 13 | Glide 6 | Turn -2 | Fade 2

  • Champion Color Glow Plastic
  • Hi-tech plastic that provides superior performance.
  • Provides ultimate durability in a translucent plastic.
  • Holds the disc's original flight characteristics exceptionally well over time.
  • Glows in the dark.

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