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Innova Champion Gator3 Pre-Release CFR

Innova Champion Gator3 Pre-Release CFR

Grab a Gator3, and never think twice about throwing into a headwind again! These are overstable and trusty, with a comfortable feel in the hand. Sales of the Gator3 will directly benefit our tournament support efforts for future events.

The Gator is a very reliable overstable Mid-Range disc with a predictable finish. It delivers pin-point accuracy for shorter drives and approach shots, even in windy conditions. These CFR Pre-Release Gator3's offer a flatter top for great feel in the hand and a consistent release for sidearm shots. Gator3 sales will be utilized for select Innova events throughout the year. Help us grow disc golf and get the latest innovation in Mid-Range discs.

Photo(s) represents the actual disc and variation of disc/stamp colors available which may vary slightly.  The disc you receive may not exactly match any specific photo.

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