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Innova Champion Boss Color Glow 2020 Alex Russell Tour Series Disc Golf Distance Driver

The Innova Champion Boss Color Glow 2020 Alex Russell Tour Series Disc is sweet.  The disc is great for forehand and backhand players who are looking for elite distance.  The stamp is clean and not busy, great to look at and even better to throw.

A Boss is currently the world record distance disc it's been thrown 1108 feet!  This driver boasts incredible rim width and stability and should be thrown only on holes longer than 300 feet.  The Boss has -1 turn but the turn is early in the flight and it will always fade hard at the end.  This disc can be used when you're looking for a big skip, that wide rim is perfect for getting extra distance to the side.  Players with high arm speeds will find that the boss flies true and cuts through the air just how they like.  The Innova Boss is available in many plastic varieties but this one is color glow.  It makes the disc glow a bit more at night and during the day it should be easier to see.

Purchasing a tour series disc supports the players.  Buying an Innova Boss with Alex Russell's name on it helps him tour.  A portion of the sale goes back to him so that he can continue disc golf touring and his work on Innova Team Champion.  Theses are limited, so when the 2020 Alex Russell Boss's run out there won't be any more.  If you'd like to support Alex and get an awesome disc then grab yourself the Alex Russell Innova Boss today.

Speed 13 | Glide 5 | Turn 0 | Fade 3

Champion Plastic

  • Hi-tech plastic that provides superior performance.
  • Provides ultimate durability in a translucent plastic.
  • Holds the disc's original flight characteristics exceptionally well over time.

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