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Discraft Z Line Force Paul McBeth Signature 5x World Champion Disc Golf Distance Driver

Paul Mcbeth is now a 5x World Champion and one of the most important discs in his bag is the Force.  The Discraft Z Line Force an overstable distance driver from Discraft that can out drive the competition. As a 12 speed the Force requires plenty of power and speed to get going but you don't have to worry about the disc turning over on you as it's very overstable.  Use the force as a RHBH player when you need distance and can't have the disc finish to the right, and don't be afraid to let it rip, the Force can take it. The Force is best when thrown 300+ feet for a shot, because then it has time to fly straight before hyzering out hard. 

Maximum distance drivers should be thrown where you have plenty of distance both down and across the fairway as they go hard right to left during the flight.  The Discraft Z line Force can also be used as a forehand disc because it handles the torque well and has a wide rim for players to grip.  If the disc is thrown forehand it will go from left to right instead during the flight.  Grab yourself a Force today and get out there to crush the course!

Speed 12 | Glide 5 | Turn 0 | Fade 3

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