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Discraft Z Line Buzzz Glo Hot Stamp LE 2020 Halloween Disc Golf Mid-Range

The Discraft Z Line Buzzz Glo Hot Stamp LE 2020 Halloween Disc Golf Mid-Range is everything you love about the Buzzz but with a great holiday stamp. This glow in the dark mid is perfect for the spooky fall season and all the others as well. These are limited edition, next year there will be a new stamp so get them while you can!

The flight path of the Buzzz is straight, that's what's made this disc one of the most popular discs ever. You'll find that the glide is exceptional and with a good throw you can get this disc to exceed 300 feet. The Buzzz can be thrown either forehand or backhand, it's a versatile disc. It's only a speed 5, so players with below average arm speed can throw it. World champions such as Paige Pierce, Paul Mcbeth, and Nate Doss throw Buzzz's so it's really a disc for all skill levels.

Z Line Plastic is a durable plastic from Discraft. You'll be able to throw this disc for years without it warping or losing a big chunk out of it from a tree.T he Glo means that you can see these discs in the dark, just charge them with the sun or a flashlight before you throw.

This years artwork features the Hellraiser franchise antagonist Pinhead as the classic insect on traditional Buzzz's. It's available at Sabattus Disc Golf for quite a reasonable price. There's amazing artwork that you'll love throwing all year long. If you want a straight flying midrange with good glide and control, then get yourself one of these amazing Buzzz's today.

Speed 5 | Glide 4 | Turn -1 | Fade 1 | Stability Rating .5

Z Plastic

  • Premium Durability
  • Most Stable Discraft Plastic
  • Glows in the dark
  • Choice plastic for pros


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