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Discraft Rubber Blend Zone LE 2020 Ledgestone Disc Golf Putter

The Discraft Rubber Blend Zone LE 2020 Ledgestone Disc Golf Putter is an overstable approach disc. This rubber blend plastic is great for grip and also a little more glide than z or esp plastic zones.

Whether you're a backhand or forehand player you'll learn to love the Discraft zone. Almost as soon as you release this disc it will start to fade. The point of this disc is not distance, but control on your upshot. Once the zone hits the ground it stays right were you threw it. The zone is perfect for throwing around trees, or onto slopes. It will be your workhorse in your upshot game.

This is part of the Ledgestone series of discs. Buying this disc gets you an amazing approach putter that you'll find yourself throwing on a lot of upshots. But it also is you contributing to the Ledgestone Open because some of your money goes towards promoting one of the biggest disc golf tournaments out there. You get a new disc and you can help #GrowTheSport at the same time. Buy a Discraft Rubber Blend Zone Limited Edition 2020 Ledgestone Putter and own a piece of useful disc golf history.

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