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Discraft Jawbreaker Fierce Swirly LE 1st Run Paige Pierce Disc Golf Putter

The Discraft Jawbreaker Fierce Swirly LE 1st Run Paige Pierce putter is an awesome putter.  Some putters are made for driving and upshotting, others for putting.  The Fierce was born to do both equally well.

For a driving putter the Fierce is slightly understable with a turn of -2 it flips up to flat well if thrown on hyzer.  And if thrown flat the disc slowly turns with a small tail at the end of the flight.  The Discraft Fierce is not as tall or deep as some putters and it feels like a mid-range in the hand.

For putting this is a straight flying disc.  The disc can glide straight into the basket with a little push and spin.  Players will quickly become confident in their abilities with the Fierce as it's a consistent putt.

This is the first run of the Discraft Fierce.  There will undoubtedly be more but this is the first run so when they're gone so is the "first run" on the stamp.  Purchasing this disc helps Paige because some of the money goes back to her when you buy it.  This is a great way to get an incredible putter that works for drives, putts, and upshots.  And support a great pro Paige Pierce.  Be sure to pick up this limited edition disc now while you still can.

Speed 3 | Glide 4 | Turn -2 | Fade 0

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