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Discraft ESP Rattler LE Memorial Championship 2020 Dan Ginnelly Bottom Stamp Disc Golf Putter

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This bottom stamped Rattler is a fundraising disc to help the Memorial Championship.  Dan Ginnelly is the tournament director and a sponsored player for Discraft. The Discraft Rattler is an amazing putter at about 100 feet and in.  With a wide and deep rim it's like throwing an ultimate disc.  The Rattler won't handle high speeds well, so it's an approach disc but don't look for too much distance.  The ESP plastic will give the disc some added stability and durability that it lacked in the baseline plastic.  Use the Rattler to shape shots around trees, to glide with minimal effort, and to be a useful disc in the woods when you don't have much room to move.  The Rattler is a great disc for beginners if they're learning, and for more advanced players if they want to really control their disc flight.  Throw the Rattler with confidence and you'll be rewarded.

Speed 2 | Glide 3 | Turn -1 | Fade 1

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