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Discraft ESP Nuke LE 1st Run 5X Paige Pierce Signature Disc Golf Distance Driver

The Discraft ESP Nuke LE 1st Run 5X Paige Piece Signature Disc is an essential disc for the long distance player.  The ESP Nuke is a 13 speed disc that requires plenty of speed and is best thrown in wide open areas where it was room to move side to side.  The Nuke requires plenty of arm speed to get going, and should be thrown when the distance is over 300 feet.

Where the dome of the disc meets the upper rim is unique because you feel where they kind of join.  It won't affect where you put your thumb for forehand or for backhand but it's kind of cool to run your finger over it.

The flight pattern is a little early to mid flight turn, and then glide and a a long fade to finish.  It's a comfortable disc that flies well even in strong winds.

The Paige Pierce Nuke is one of the discs that has an inspirational quote from her father Wayne Pierce about what it's like to be the greatest disc golfer.  It's worth reading and is a unique feature on an exceptional disc.

The Signature Disc is designed to help Paige as she tours.  Some of the money you use to purchase this disc will make it's way back to her and she can continue touring.  You'll get a sweet stamped disc out of the deal and it's always great to support the pros.  These are first runs, so when this stamp runs out it won't be available again.

Speed 13 | Glide 4 | Turn -1 | Fade 3

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