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Discraft CryZtal Sparkle Undertaker LE 2020 Ledgestone Disc Golf Distance Driver

The Discraft CryZtal Sparkle Undertaker LE 2020 Ledgestone driver is a beautiful disc that's ready to take on the skies.  The sparkles truly dazzle in the sunlight, they can help you find the disc with their reflection.  The premium CryZtal plastic is opaque and durable.

A Discraft Undertaker is a stable control driver.  This is a favorite disc of 5x World Champion and 2x Ledgestone Open champion Paul Mcbeth.  The Discraft Undertaker is useful as a forehand or backhand disc, rely on the glide to carry this disc where it needs to go.  With a speed of 9 it doesn't require too much power and can be thrown by almost any player, it's a little advanced for a beginner but if they have the arm strength it's a good driver to learn on.

The turn -1 and fade 2 make this disc a mostly straight flyer with a hint of early turn and a little fade finish at the end.  That control makes the Discraft Undertaker perfect for tunnel shots or in the woods.  The only tricky thing about this disc is the little rise in the dome where your thumb would rest for a backhand shot.  This can be solved by moving your thumb in more towards the center, or forward on the disc.  

This is a special disc because it's a Ledgestone Tournament disc.  These series of discs are designed as fundraiser discs for one of the biggest tournaments in disc golf.  Some of the money you use to purchase this disc goes to the pot for players at that event.  It's a great trade, you get an amazing limited edition disc that you'll treasure forever, and the players get a little bit added to one of the biggest prizes ever.  

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