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Discraft CryZtal FLX Zone Sparkle LE 2020 Ledgestone Disc Golf Putter

The Discraft CryZtal FLX Zone Sparkle is the approach putter you've been looking for.  The Zone is the perfect disc to get close to the basket, but it's not necessarily for putting.  The sweet spot for the Zone is any shot inside of 150 feet.  It's an overstable putter that doesn't roll when it hits the ground, so throw it with enough force to get it there and don't worry about long skips away from the basket.  Use the Zone to stick to circle 1 or use it to get around trees.  This disc is perfect for flex shots because you know it will flex back and fade out even after it beats in for a while.  These discs have a flat top and a rim that's perfect for the backhand and forehand alike.  Discraft's top pro's use the Zone all the time because it's reliable as an approach disc.

The CryZtal plastic with sparkles is beautiful.  This will be a slightly less glidey Zone, so it's more for approaches and less for driving off the tee than say a Discraft Jawbreaker Zone would be.  

This is the limited edition 2020 Ledgestone fundraising disc so once these sweet stamps are gone, they're gone no new ones are being stamped like this.  Grab yourself a piece of history and support one of the biggest disc golf tournaments of the year with a Discraft CryZtal FLX Sparkle Zone!

Speed 4 | Glide 3 | Turn 0 | Fade 3

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