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Discraft Big Z Buzzz SS LE 2020 Ledgestone Disc Golf Mid-Range

The Discraft Big Z Buzzz SS LE 2020 Ledgestone Mid-Range is a straight to slightly understable disc.  The artwork on the top of the disc is another Michael Barnard special.  His recognizable designs over the years are always popular and the Buzzz SS Ledgestone stamp has both a modern and classic feel.

The plastic is Big Z, a slightly more flexible version of the Z-Line plastic and it's not see through.  It will be just as consistent and durable as the other premium plastics that Discraft provides.  This will be slightly less stable than other plastics which is good, because this disc wants to turn.  Players will love the glide in this disc, it's labeled a 4 but this disc can absolutely carry in the wind.  The turn is -2 on the 4 number flight rating system and with the Big Z plastic it's even more likely to turn.  Players who struggle with a forehand will find that a backhand turnover shot with this disc is the part of the game they've been missing. 

This disc is excellent for beginners who struggle to keep a buzzz flying straight, and for more advanced players who need that extra turn.  This disc can be thrown with a forehand or backhand throw.  Forehand players will love the ability to maintain an anhyzer touch shot with this disc and it won't fade back.  It will be a hyzer flip for distance, or an anhyzer for control.  The Buzzz ss works best when you're trying to hit pinpoint gaps and throwing under 300 feet.  This is a perfect woods disc that will curve around trees.  It has a small rim, so when this hits the ground it will set right down instead of skipping.

Buying this disc helps support the Ledgestone Open.  The money that these discs raise goes to putting on one of the biggest tournaments in the world of disc golf.  You get a fantastic midrange with a cool stamp and you help support the growth of the sport by contributing to a player prize pool.  

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