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Discmania Vapor Evolution LE 2020 Eagle McMahon Signature Razor Claw Tactic Disc Golf Putter

The Discmania Vapor Evolution LE 2020 Eagle McMahon Signature Razor Claw Tactic is a very overstable putter, and approach disc.  The vapor plastic is new and part of the evolution line of Discmania discs.  It's showing off that burst and swirl of color in these discs, they are similar but unique swirls.  The vapor plastic is flexible , durable and ready to take on any disc golf course it sees.

The Razor Claw was designed with one goal in mind, fade.  Don't worry about overpowering this putter, if Eagle isn't flipping it over no one else will.  This disc is perfect for forehand or backhand approach shots.  Once the Razor Claw takes flight it will immediately drop the outside wing and start to descend towards the ground.  Whether you need to make it around an object, or stop quickly this is the right disc for you.  The tactic has little to no glide, so throw it where you want the disc to stop.  Don't expect much movement after it hits the ground.

The Discmania Vapor Razor Claw Tactic is the signature series disc for Eagle Mcmahon.  This new disc will help support his touring efforts, a portion of the money you spend on this disc gets back to Eagle so he can continue to play professionally.  The stamp is a set of talons forming the razor claw.  It's clean and sharp design make it easy to pick this stamp out at a distance.  Buy a Discmania Vapor Eagle McMahon Signature Razor Claw Tactic and improve your game today.


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