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Discmania Forge Method Evolution Shadow Titan Lizotte Signature Disc Golf Midrange

The Discmania Forge Method Evolution Shadow Titan Lizotte Signature is an impressive mid range disc and the first Signature disc in the new Evolution line. This disc has plenty of fade, and surpasses other mid ranges with its glide. As requested by Simon, this mid range has a bead which helps with that stable flight. If released flat, the Shadow Titan will fly straight with no turn and fade off at the end of the flight. When released on anhyzer, the disc will slowly pan to flat but not all the way back to hyzer. This mid range provides distance and control with solid fade. The translucent looking metallic sheen of the flexible Forge Plastic not only offers a comfortable grip, but it also makes a stunning backdrop for the awesome artwork of Manny Trujillo. If all this wasn't reason enough to love this disc, then know that with every purchase Simon receives a significant portion to help him in his touring efforts.

Speed 5 | Glide 5 | Turn 0 | Fade 3

Forge Plastic

  • Custom plastic with a metallic sheen.
  • Similar flex to the Neo Plastic, providing a comfortable grip.
  • Has a shiny finish with a translucent look.