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Discmania C-Line PD Color Glow LE 2020 Avery Jenkins Signature Dark Maul II Disc Golf Power Driver

The Discmania C-Line PDColor Glow LE 2020 Avery Jenkins Signature Dark Maul II is an overstable driver with the advanced player in mind.  The PD is an in between driver, it's not quite a distance driver but not a fairway driver yet either.

With a speed of 10 it requires a little bit of arm speed to get the Discmania PD going, and with a glide of 4 it's not really designed to glide for much distance.  The main focus of the PD is it's ability to always fade.  By combining the 0 turn with the 3 fade you get a positive 3.  This means the disc will fade significantly at the end of the flight.  The Discmania PD is going to be most useful when thrown with a lot of force backhand or forehand.  The disc will hold straight until it runs out of power and then constantly fade away.  Use this when you absolutely can't finish to one side.  This disc will slice through headwinds so don't be afraid to throw it in any weather.

The Dark Maul II is a signature stamped PD that helps support Avery Jenkins as he travels competing in tournaments and being an ambassador for the sport.  These are limited edition discs, so once they're gone, they're gone.  A portion of the sale goes back to him.  It's also an incredibly useful disc in a very cool plastic.  Do yourself a favor and pick up a Discmania Avery Jenkins Dark Maul II today! 


Speed 10 | Glide 4 | Turn 0 | Fade 3

C-Line Plastic

  • Discmania’s most durable and most stable plastic blend.
  • Retains original flight characteristics for an extended period of time.
  • Wears down slowly and avoids damage better than other plastics.
  • Good grip in a translucent plastic.

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