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Discmania C-Line P2 Simon Lizotte Signature Golden Wings Sky God Disc Golf Putter

The latest release for the Discmania 2018 Signature Series is the new Simon Lizotte C-line P2 Golden Winged Sky God. Simon’s signature disc is back, incorporating Discmania’s most popular mold, combined with the most durable plastic, and featuring a new unreleased double foil stamp. The P2 is an essential weapon for any player at any skill level. Now available in the C-line plastic, the Golden Winged Sky God is perfect for power drives off the tee, or up shots that need a disc with more stability.

The Sky God artwork is simply one of the most innovative and appropriate yet. It embodies the characteristics of the C-line P2 and still resonates the iconic Simon Lizotte appearance. We’ve taken it a step further by giving each of these a pair of golden wings for a limited double stamp release.

The Crescent Falcon may give players light in times of darkness, and the doombird may give players the confidence in the worst conditions, but the Sky God will be sovereign. In its righteousness, the Sky God will soar through the clouds and lower scores. Join Simon in throwing the Sky God this season

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