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Discmania C-Line P2 Color Glow 2020 Simon Lizotte Signature Sky God III Disc Golf Putter

The Discmania Glow C-Line P2 Sky God is a perfect driving putter.  The Glow C-line plastic is incredibly durable and provides perfect grip on the disc.  The artwork depicts the Egyptian God Horus in flight.  In the first 2 runs of this disc Horus is merely a falcon faced god on the disc.  Now he's demonstrating his power.  He's holding a staff with a disc golf basket on top and lightning is radiating from the basket.  This Sky God 3 is amazing in both artwork and feel.  If you're comparing this to last year's p2, the 2020 version is a little more overstable.

The Discmania C-Line P2 is all about glide and stability.  When you release this disc from your hand no matter how fast, you should expect the Sky God to fight it's way back to stable.  This putter can be thrown from the tee because it wants to roam the skies, but it is equally at home hunting chains.  It will be slightly overstable for most of its life.  Which is useful because it's consistent.  Don't expect the Sky God to flip on you, it's trusted by players of every skill level.  Even with the flat top it's still got tremendous glide.  The hang time you'll get when throwing this is spectacular.

This is the signature disc of Simon Lizotte, and it's the best choice too.  When Simon throws a huge shot he too is the sky god.  Buying this disc is an investment into your game but it's also an investment in Simon's.  When you buy this disc, he gets some of the proceeds.  That way Simon can continue to tour and you get an amazing disc.  Buy a Sky God III today, you'll be glad you did.

Speed 2 | Glide 3 | Turn 0 | Fade 1

C-Line Plastic

  • Discmania’s most durable and most stable plastic blend.
  • Retains original flight characteristics for an extended period of time.
  • Wears down slowly and avoids damage better than other plastics.
  • Good grip in a translucent plastic.

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