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DGA Signature Line Blowfly 1 Putt & Approach Disc

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DGA Signature Line Blowfly 1 Putt & Approach Disc

The Signature Line Blowfly I putt and approach disc is unlike any other golf disc in the industry. The Blowfly I has a blunt edge and is both an excellent putt and approach disc. The Blowfly I is a great putter and will wrap its way around any set of chains. But, unlike all other putters out there, the Blowfly I will stick when it hits the ground if you just so happen to miss. Signature Line discs are made from “Steady” Ed’s secret formula and were his go-to putters in Ed’s disc throwing days. The Signature Line plastic is extremely flexible and durable. You can literally taco this disc and it will expand right back into its original shape. The Blowfly I is ideal for both beginner and experienced players!

Photo(s) represents the disc and variation of disc/stamp colors available will vary slightly.  The disc you receive may not exactly match any specific photo.

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