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DD - G-Line - LIFE

Are you about that Crush Life? This fresh new design is here to start the new year off right! What we normally say about the DD is - a very reliable distance driver. It provides control with long distance. It offers great accuracy when throwing both hyzer and anhyzer shots. Steady, predictable glide is the key feature of this disc. But this is the G-LINE DD, it has all of these features except it likes to hold a line longer than the other plastics we have made it in. Extraordinary glide and grip is what makes this disc earn a spot in your bag. Check out what World Champion Avery Jenkins hast to say about the DD: ”The DD is short for Distance Driver - This disc should be a staple in every player's bag. An all around distance driver that offers a great combination of speed and accuracy. It's a disc that allows you to lace those tight distance lines or to bomb that big hyzer shot over the top to the basket.” Pro Tip: Get more work out of your DD, the mellow flight of the G-LINE DD let's long anhyzer rips get further down the fairway before fading into the landing zone. Spike hyzer accuracy is also improved with this specific combination of mold and plastic. The soft G-LINE plastic helps the disc stay closer to the basket than skipping away like normal versions of the DD

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