Sabattus Disc Golf - Events

Planning an Event?

You provide the family and friends; SDG will provide the facility for a day of fun and fitness for all to enjoy! Please follow the link to fill out our event planning form! To check the availability of the day you would like please check our event calendar here.

Groups and Organizations

Youth groups, school groups, clubs and all types of organizations are welcome! Each SDG outing offers the same great amenities whether it be morning, noon or night with evenings under the lights (until 10:00 pm).

SDG Partnership Charity Fundraiser Program

SDG partnership program is available to qualified charity fundraiser events. Your requests must be sent in writing via e-mail at or by mail. Please be specific about how you intend to use the money you raise and plan your event far in advance. Charity events are decided on a case-by-case basis solely by Sabattus Disc Golf. Please call and speak to our sponsorship coordinators for complete details.

SDG Partnership Program Highlights

As a bonus, Sabattus Disc Golf will include several donated Disc Golf Items. We sincerely look forward to helping you with the cause that touches you!