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Innova Tour Series Disc Golf

Innova Champion Gator Color Glow Scott Withers Tour Series Disc Golf Mid-Range

The Innova Champion Gator is a very reliable overstable disc for Mid-Range shots; especially for players who need to control their power and increase their accuracy. The Gator delivers pin-point accuracy for shorter drives and approach shots, even in windy conditions. The Color Glow Scott Withers Tour Series discs feature a swashbuckling pirate stamp and a substantial portion of each sale will benefit Scott's touring efforts.

Speed 5 | Glide 2 | Turn 0 | Fade 4

Champion Plastic

  • Hi-tech plastic that provides superior performance.
  • Provides ultimate durability in a translucent plastic.
  • Holds the disc's original flight characteristics exceptionally well over time.



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