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Innova Halo Disc Golf

Innova Star TL3 Limited Edition Halo Disc Golf Fairway Driver

The Innova Star Halo TL3 is an amazing fairway driver that's perfect for your straight flying needs. Not only is it a great flyer but it's also gorgeous! The outer rim design is what gives the Halo series it's unique look and name.

The flight path of the TL3 is almost perfectly straight. It has little side to side turn or fade. This disc excels in the woods where you have to miss trees. When thrown with lots of power this disc will have a slight slow turn, but that shouldn't happen unless you're throwing the disc in excess of 350 feet. These discs have a glide of 4, so slightly less than average for drivers, this is more of a point and shoot disc. It's similar to a teebird, but without the fade at the end.

Star plastic is a premium plastic from Innova Champion Discs. It's the choice of so many players both amateur and professional because of its durability, reliability and grip. Discs in this plastic are tough enough to take a few tree hits and still fly the way they're supposed to. No matter the weather you'll find that the grip allows you to have great control.

So if you're looking for an amazing disc that everyone posts on their social media, and that you'll be throwing on courses for years to come. Get yourself a  Star Halo TL3 from Innova.

Speed 8 | Glide 4 | Turn -1 | Fade 1
Star Plastic

  • Highly visible blend of grippy, resilient polymers.
  • Provides maximum grip, durability, and longevity.
  • Innova's most premium plastic blend.
  • Performs well in all weather conditions.

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