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Hye8Dye Disc Golf Discs

This collection is all discs that have been dyed by Hye8Dye. Sabattus Disc Golf has decided to carry some unique swirly discs on our website and in our store so players have the option for a more custom bag. Your disc and your bag should be a reflection of you.  All of these discs have been made with Innova Champion Glow or Color Glow plastic so they glow in the dark! You'll find that the swirls make an even cooler effect when you light your disc up.

Every single design is slightly different, there are infinite possibilities out there so be sure to look at all discs from each of the molds we receive.  The patterns are different but the discs fly exactly like they're supposed to and have a description.  Don't worry about the dye coming off onto your hands it's there to stay.  These are all made from a premium plastic blend so they'll be in your bag for a long time.  And if you lose one in the woods go back when it's dark out and it should be easier to view!

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